Combined air valve


Combined air valve

     Combined air valve

     Composite exhaust valve with a large number of intake, exhaust and continuous micro-exhaust dual function, with large exhaust, stable performance, safe and reliable advantages, etc. , it is widely used in municipal water supply and long-distance water conveyance projects.


      This product is used at the highest point on the pipeline or at the place with closed air, to eliminate the gas inside the pipeline to unblock the pipeline and achieve normal operation. If no exhaust valve is installed, the liquid flowing inside the pipeline will generate dynamic heat and cause gas, forming a short circuit, making it easy for the pipeline water to fail to meet the requirements. Secondly, if there is a power outage or pump shutdown during pipeline operation, negative pressure will occur in the pipeline, which can cause pipeline vibration or rupture. The (discharge) suction valve quickly sucks air into the pipeline to prevent pipeline vibration or rupture.

      Nominal pressure0.6~2.0MPa               Nominal diameterDN50~DN400

     Applicable mediumWater                  Applicable teperature:≤80

     MaterialDuctile iron,Cast Steel,SS304         Transmission modeAutomatic exhaust

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