Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve


 Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

     Sealing surface surfacing welding 304,Double offset butterfly valves can achieve zero leakage and ensure sealing more reliable ,because of the resilient seat design. Resilient seat design also can achieve low torque to enable to reach cost-effective of choosing actuator. With Worm Gear Op is used for Water Treatment System, like drinking water, sewage plant.

      Product Series Usage

     Soft sealed eccentric flange butterfly valves are mainly used for water supply and drainage in systems such as water plants, steel smelting, papermaking, chemical engineering, water source engineering, and environmental facility construction. They are particularly suitable for use as regulating and intercepting equipment on waterway pipelines.


     Reasonable design, compact structure, easy assembly and disassembly, and easy maintenance. Adopting an eccentric structure to reduce the friction of the sealing ring and extend its service life. The valve plate sealing ring adopts a “t” shaped structure, and the sealing pair is linearly sealed. Completely sealed, with zero leakage. Replacing valve plate sealing rings, “o” rings, butterfly plates, rotating shafts and other materials can be suitable for various media and temperatures.

      Nominal pressure0.6~4.0MPa               Nominal diameterDN50~DN4000

     Applicable mediumWater,air                Applicable teperature:≤80

     MaterialDuctile iron,Cast Steel,SS304         Transmission modeManual, Electric, Pneumatic

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