Eccentric hemispherical valve

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     Eccentric hemispherical valve

     The structure of eccentric half ball valve adopts the principle of eccentric seal, the sealing pair is 304 contact seal, the valve plate is in the ball room, the flow is big, does not flush the valve plate, realizes the reliable seal. It is especially suitable for mixed-flow transportation of solid sediment in two-phase mixed-flow structure. The valve seat by Surfacing Welding 304 special treatment, sealing surface combination corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, high strength and other types, to meet the needs of different occasions.


     Used for cutting or connecting pipeline media in various working conditions such as petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power industries.


      1. Low fluid resistance;

      2. Simple structure, small size, and light weight;

      3. Tight and reliable, with good sealing performance;

      4. Convenient operation, quick opening and closing;

      5. Convenient maintenance;

      6. Widely applicable

      Nominal pressure0.6~4.0MPa               Nominal diameterDN50~DN2200

     Applicable mediumWater,air                Applicable teperature:≤80

     MaterialDuctile iron,Cast Steel,SS304         Transmission modeManual, Electric, Pneumatic

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